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/ Stefan and Elena shared values, ideas, beliefs, morals, hopes, dreams. They really connected through that. That and their pain. Damon and Elena don’t have those things. It’s purely about feeling dependent on the other to fulfill them and make them happy./ You really don't have the slightest idea what this show is about, do you? Do you understand ANYTHING the writers are doing with these characters? Because it sure doesn't sound like it. Rewatch, maybe, without so much focus on Stefan's pain.



This is what I don’t understand. If I’m sooooo wrong, and you’re soooo confident—-why do you feel the need to come here and poke at me for it? I’m obviously dumb and stupid and without hope and you’re so smart, and clever—so why bother?

What I don’t understand is, I was under the impression from many DE fans that the appeal of DE is the whole bad boy/good girl with lots of sexual tension, the guy who goes against the girl’s beliefs/choices to “protect” her, opposites attract type of thing. Why get offended for calling DE out for what it is? No matter how you slice it, DE don’t share the same ideas, beliefs, morals, hopes or dreams. They just don’t. Elena wanted to be human, with a family. Damon (and I quote) couldn’t think of anything more miserable on earth and when she asked him point blank to share in those dreams with her, he flat out said the above quote along with “that’s not me Elena, that’s Stefan.” Anytime Elena has opened up to Damon about her beliefs on something, he just makes some snide comment, brushes her off, tells her she’s stupid or that she needs too think more like him. For example, pretty much anything that happened between them in episode 4x04. I mean, they really, truly, DON’T have those things. And you know, maybe I could have believed that what Elena wanted, believed, dreamed and hoped for in life had changed since being with Damon, or becoming a vampire rather, IF I did not see her react the way she did to Markos’ visions. You could take Stefan out of the equation and put in any random Joe and I would still see that those things and that life she dreamed of are still all buried deep down inside of her. She just feels that they are out of reach. She’s been forced to accept the way that her life is now and is trying to be happy as best as she can but that doesn’t mean that she and Damon have always wanted the same things out of life. They may connect in other ways (and in some ways that SE didn’t) but it’s not because they share the things you mentioned here. It doesn’t matter if we watch the show 1000 times, that will never ring true. I can’t help but wonder sometimes what version of Damon and Elena some DE fans ship because a DE who share the same values in life simply does not exist. 

One argument I hear from many DE fans is that they ship it because after Elena turned, Damon “accepted” her the way she was (sired, traumatised, a person she never wanted to be), and Stefan wanted to “change” her (as in really, help her be who she wanted to be).

I think you’re right when you say they must be neglecting the question of values when they ship DE, since with the above argument it’s obvious when you re-watch the show there were countless times before Elena turned when she expressed that she never wanted to become a vampire and never wanted to be like Damon. They’re also neglecting the fact that her values were fighting with her sired, Damonised vampire self at the beginning of season 4, when she specifically said that she was “becoming someone I don’t want to be” and then went on to become someone who hurts her friends and doesn’t have half the responsibility she had towards her brother.

They also say that Elena is much more fun when she’s with Damon. I guess their definition of fun must be oblivion because we haven’t gottten a true, joyful smile or laughter out of her since she was with Stefan, rather she just honeymoons with Damon too busy fighting and s*xing to care about the world.


The first news thing that popped up when googling TVD was that Nina Dobrev was going to the Originals as a crossover. I thought yay, Kevin Williamson writing a character for Nina, it won’t be as annoying as the current Elena aka Bella 2.0

And then I found out that it’s another doppelganger, and first that seemed overwhelming like Oh Lord, not ANOTHER character! I mean Katherine is my queen and Amara was my cutie pie and so was the old Elena, but I mean what personality types are left? What fashion types are left? We’ve had the innocent adorable Amara in her adorable robes and that long straight hair we miss so much, and we’ve had the sassy piece of royalty that is Katherine’s sexy clothes showing off that perfect body, and we’ve had both the casual normal yoga-pants-and-cardigan Elena and the Elena who basically never wear pants or a normal bra other than a push-up one. What other type of fashion can we get?

And then I found out that it’s TATIA!! Finally after 3 seasons, not exactly a modern girl so I wonder what type of clothing she’ll wear. Maybe she’ll have cool braided hair like Rebekah did in the flashbacks and that rugged, gorgeous rustic clothing. Let’s see if Williamson’s interpretation of their story is better than this incredible one that was basically as perfect as a movie synopsis

And best part is this episode is right after the HSC WHEN IT’S TIME TO HAVE A LIFE.

Okay bye I’m going back to HSC Chemistry now.


Ek Hasina Thi Watch Onlineis a Indian television thriller drama series, to be aired on Star Plus channel every Mon-Sat at 8:00PM. Produced by Prem Krishen of Cinevistaas Limited, it stars Sanjeeda Sheikh and Vatsal Seth in the lead roles. The show is based in Kolkata, but is filmed in Mumbai.

Set in the eastern megalopolis of Kolkata, Ek Hasina Thi tracks the journey of a woman Durga, who has decided to become an active agent of change to achieve her motive of justice. Durga is not only rich, brave, focused with a heart of gold but is also strong, powerful, calculating and manipulative, using her intelligence to stay a step ahead of her adversaries. She doesn’t mind stepping over the boundaries of ‘right’ and flirt with the dark side, but she always remains within the confines of good, never losing touch with her humanity. However, Durga’s fight is not easy as facing her are the extremely powerful and influential Goenka family – the main antagonists and the target of Durga’s actions.

Shaurya Goenka is the rich, womanizing scion of the Goenka clan. A playboy and brat who is not used to hearing the word no, Shaurya knows that with his family’s influence, he can get away with anything. Standing by Shaurya through thick and thin are his parents – Sakshi and Rajnath Goenka, whose financial muscle and stronghold over the city automatically make them both a revered and feared opponent. Durga’s task is further complicated when she faces multiple hurdles as relationships, romance and her own emotional conflicts play a role in making her question her actions.

My opinion: It is an incredible show which is fast paced with an intriguing story line which is a breath of fresh air compared to the saas bahu sagas. It is a must watch for desi girls who deal with men harassing them no matter where we go and standing up to the world.

A must watch and one of the best shows on star plus!




THIS IS PROBABLY THE ONLY THING SAKSHI GOENKA HAS EVER DONE RIGHT because let’s admit it. All Sakshi Goenka has ever done is made mistakes. She married a mistake, gave birth to one huge and one dumb mistake, (no points for guessing which is which) and saved the huge mistake from some more huge mistakes.

I can’t explain how excited I am oh my

Hey, at least she’s a hot mistake maker :P Her perfect fashion.

I KNEW DEVGA WOULD HAPPEN… but isn’t it a fake marriage?

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